ECU Remapping Services

We can offer you specialist ECU remapping services in Essex and the surrounding areas.

ECU remapping (also known as chip tuning) will reconfigure your vehicles engine management software to optimise performance.

Quality Assured

We strive to offer a good value, professional service by fully utilising our knowledge and experience in engine tuning, diagnostics, mechanics and software development. Ipswich Alloy Wheels can offer a wide range of services and products to tune your vehicle for performance and diesel economy with excellent results.

Why don’t manufacturers do it?

Manufacturers place restrictions on your engines performance to cater for those who operate poor service schedules or who use low quality fuels.

With engines becoming ever increasingly modular to keep manufacturing costs down, it is common place for manufacturers to simply re-map engines to provide the varying outputs which in turn they sell at inflated prices. This alone shows you the tolerances available in a modern engine.

With reliability as important to us as it is to you, we offer a safe and reliable solution to tuning your engine.

Performance Tuning

Our performance engine remapping software is custom written for each specific vehicle thus achieving incredible results. Our Turbocharged performance remaps can improve your vehicle’s power and torque by up to 40%, providing better acceleration, sharper throttle response, and greater pulling power offering you a smoother and more exciting drive while improving the safety of overtaking.

Tuning normally aspirated engines can produce an increase of up to 10% in power and torque, and whilst these increases are lower than achieved in turbocharged vehicles, there will still be noticeable improvements in throttle response, mid-range torque, and by increasing the rev limiter you will get from 0 to 60 in less time.

Economy Remapping

Tuning diesel vehicles, we can greatly improve fuel economy (by up to 20%), saving you even more money in fuel costs. Your vehicle is remapped to give more torque in the lower rev range so that less revs are needed to get up to speed.

How much you can save greatly depends on your driving style. A common misconception is that driving at low revs is the way to save fuel, and whilst it does make a difference from racing around at high revs, least fuel is actually used while you cruise steadily at the revs where your vehicle is producing maximum torque
If you are self-employed, driving a commercial vehicle or just someone that has to cover a lot of miles you will recoup the cost of the remap quickly.